mission vision zegchem


Philosophyand core values
Our business philosophy, is based on customer satisfaction and create profitability through giving value to customersby proper actions within the organizational structure, research and development and marketing.


Diversity of corporate activity
Behban Shimi act as an innovative and Knowledge-Based Organization, in the area of manufacturing, trade, investment, and research in the national and international level.


Market diversity
In the manufacturing of products latest technologies and standards are used. The target marketincludes: Drug markets, medical supplements, Hygiene products and food additives for the food industry, Cosmetic products, Agricultural pesticide by creating an independent strategic business units, will be developed.


Market position
This company by proper implementation of novel business processes, Innovative and knowledge-based production, providing appropriate services to customers in accordance with their core values. Behban Shimi always been a leader and leading companies in target markets. 


Geographic market 
Geographic priorities of the company is the development of domestic markets,then Expansion of our market into South, Europe, America and the rest of the world. The introduction of high quality and competitive products, as well as the creation of long-lasting brands by using the principles of education and culture is achieved through communication media.


Human resources 
Company approach in the field of human resources is cooperation with expert, smart and educable, employees with high creativity in order to using latest knowledge and technologies for manufacturing a variety of innovative product portfolio. Promoting inter-organizational cooperation is one of the company's management principles.